FERRIS 101704 PVC 13 Liters Black 15.6" Laptop Backpack

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FERRIS 101704 PVC 13 Liters Black 15.6" Laptop Backpack
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    Presenting the Ferris 17 inch laptop backpack (Black). The all-time solution to laptop portability solution for all laptop owners on the go, under budget. This sleek, black bag is designed to attend to your laptop portability woes. It has 2 compartments in it so that other than just storing your laptop, you can easily carry a few snacks, the laptop charger cable, a bottle of water or perhaps even a good book to read as well. The bag can easily support the dimensions and weight of a standard 15.6 inch laptop without any glitches. It is made from strong materials and is designed for rugged use. This bag is specially designed for laptops carrying, it can fit any laptop you own. The classy and affordable bag is very comfortable to carry and is highly durable for all college goers. The magnificent padding in the bag is designed very efficiently to take up as little space as possible, while providing as much protection as possible. The shoulder straps are also heavily padded to feel extremely comfortable even when the bag is fully loaded. With a huge spacing compartment, a perfect laptop sleeve, comfortable padding, stylish looks and the Ferris brand name, the Ferris 17 inch laptop backpack is just the thing you need. Though not completely water proof, it will protect your laptop and other contents in the bag against mild rain showers and your friends messing around with water bottles. Even when you are not storing your laptop in the bag, you could still easily use it as a regular backpack, thanks to its versatility and sleek black looks and amazing utility.
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